January 16th, 2007


Email blunder

Oh. Crap. I just sent a message to auditionees (about 30 people), and put their addresses in the To header. Very bad form. I had intended to use Cc, but didn't think about it when the time came. I hope no one gets upset. Fortunately no one seems to have selected NO to question "can we include you on the cast list?"...

Maybe I'll just come across as a clueless newbie or a luser. (Like those people who get sucked into "social networking" sites that are really just covers for direct marketing operations. "Enter the email addresses of all your friends to get to the next level!" Grr.)

Because the simplest spam in life is often the best

I don't read spam and generally don't think it worth commenting on, but one Subject line caught my eye today: "Lose weight while having sex". The two line body had a URL and something like "exceed your partner's expectations". They should have appended "in more ways than one".

Now, sex can be good exercise, so these placebos could actually work by encouraging people to have sex more often. But - allow me to generalise for a moment - are people who buy stuff from reading spam likely to find a sex partner?