January 8th, 2007


Two steps forward, one step back

Much of the last several days have gone into finally getting ready to direct The Merchant of Venice. (If you know anyone who wants to audition, especially men, let me know.) On the weekend, in particular, I managed to:

- Create an audition form.
- Figure out how much more script to cut (yet to cut it).
- Get venues sorted out.
- Read some more of Thinking Like A Director.
- Watch the film version and listen to the commentary.
- Visit Mark to discuss lighting requirements.

All this preparation culminated in a long, yet useful production meeting. It is very nice to know that I have the support of a team of people (removed from the current political problems within the group). Costuming and staging are beyond me, but now that we've discussed it, I understand what's possible.

The weekend ended with a personal setback: my past coming back to haunt me. Being innocent is a small comfort; avoiding such misunderstandings (or handling them better) would be a greater comfort. Yet to see how this pans out in reality and affects relationships.

Still, two steps forward, one step back. On balance, I feel like I've achieved something this weekend, which is more than I can usually claim. Could this be the start of a good year ahead?

No dwelling on negative stuff - that's for pessimists. ;-)