September 29th, 2006


My LJ page broken in MSIE

I just noticed today that my LiveJournal does not appear in MSIE 6 (apart from the heading). Presumably this is a result of using the nice new Expression layout, but without a theme layer. There must be some piece of CSS in the themes that make it work. Sigh. While I don't personally have any need for it to work in MSIE, it does somewhat defeat the concept of progressive enhancement and the idea that everyone should be able to access a web page. Seems like I have some debugging to do. Maybe next week some time.

Business Process Framework

At first glance, having a Business Process Framework based on industry standards makes sense. But now that I have to specify whether particular process areas are in scope for, or affected by, this project, I'm left wondering why I can't just whip through and tick/cross based on actual team names. Ordinarily, this frustration at corporate life would prompt me to read another chapter of Getting Real, but right now, it's time to go home.

phpMyAdmin on MacOS X

1. Install MySQL.
2. Realise I want phpMyAdmin as well.
3. Use DarwinPorts to install phpMyAdmin.
4. DarwinPorts installs a different MySQL as a dependency.

Oh well. If I end up with a working database at the end of it, I'll be happy. Then I just have to learn Ruby, learn Rails, do some coding, and the Hartwell membership database is as good as done! Why am I not convinced?