September 8th, 2006


Planes on a train

Last night, two guys on the train (probably in their twenties) were making paper planes and are daring themselves and each other to throw them. They were having a lot of fun.

There was a grownup twist: write your phone number on the plane and see if anyone takes the plane with them when they leave the train - and then wonder if anyone will call. I gave them a pen so they could write on the next batch. As I've said, I'm not one to make the first move and talk to people. But being asked for a pen gave me the opportunity to comment on the planes and ask about the phone number thing. Another man on the train had already started talking to them and learning folding techniques to take home to his kids.

I don't think I've even seen paper planes in years, let alone made them. Sigh. Perhaps it's time to see if our kids are old enough to throw paper planes.

Drinks this Friday at Plan B in Richmond - REMINDER

A reminder for this Friday evening: drinks at Plan B in Richmond. It would be good if you can pass this on, so that the word gets out to people who don't read my journal. Plan B looks nice. I called in last Friday to make sure it's not one of their loud music nights - it should be fine.

To recap, here are the details from the earlier journal post:

Come one, come all, bring friends, spread the word, etc...
  • When: From 5:30 - 6pm onwards, Fri 15-Sep-2006

  • Where: Plan B, 274 Bridge Road Richmond

  • What: Plan B is a "reverse BYO" - BYO food and they'll serve the drinks.
    So if we're hungry, but too settled to move, we can grab take away from somewhere nearby and bring it in for dinner.

  • Who: Connect people, LJ people, friends. A good turnout makes for intersting conversation, so post this invite and come along. :-)