September 5th, 2006


Outlook annoyance

At work I'm using Outlook 2003 SP1. How am I supposed to copy an email address when looking at a someone's properties in the Address Book?

In an age where copy and paste - and even drag and drop - work everywhere, it's unbelievable that data in this very popular application can't be copied.

I'm guessing that Microsoft's rationale was that you can easily compose a message to someone in the address book, so there'd be no need to access the email address that can be used with that silly SMTP protocol. But most Exchange servers do talk SMTP and interact on the global Internet. What if I need to give someone outside the company an email address they can use? Do I seriously have to type the address manually and hope I don't introduce any errors?

Married names

I have learn to be more accepting of people who change their surname when they marry. Personally, I see it as an archaic and unecessary practice. Why on earth would you want to change your name just because you've married someone? But I should remember that many people wouldn't have it any other way, perhaps seeing it as an honour to take the name of the person they love. It can even be a way to ditch an unwanted maiden name, or symbolise a fresh start in life.

[I mean no offence to those of you with married names. I really am chiding myself here, not questioning your choice.]