September 2nd, 2006


Going solo at gigs - part 2

An update on my earlier post about going alone to see The Herd:

It went well. Well, actually, it started awkwardly, as I wasn't sure what time the acts would start. Doors open at 8:30, but it was closer to 10pm when support act Equills kicked off. So I filled in time trying to sleep in the car, talking to Ian who called just as I got to sleep, and watching a documentary about fair trade coffee. Once I returned to stay, it was still one beer, one lap of the venue and ten minutes leaning on the insulation before the music kicked off.

Photos! I saw a Canon chick standing near the stage, alone, waiting for the show to start. So, I felt okay about grabbing the D70 from the car and taking up a perch on the other side of the stage. The result was that I had an excellent position near the front, and came home with a batch of photos:

The Herd - Trampled Tour The Herd - Trampled Tour The Herd - Trampled Tour The Herd - Trampled Tour

I was impressed by the venue and the crowd. Smoking is restricted to the marquee, and there was no pushing and shoving that I noticed. This might be due to dimensions and stage height - as far as I could tell, it was easy enough for everyone to see. Admittedly, I was on the platform at the front with only short people in front of me.

The Herd put on an excellent show. All the best songs and a generous encore. I thought they'd finish up after Unpredictable and We Can't Hear You, but they continued with a few more songs, including a lounge-style remix of High Seas, then closing with Last Chance. (I hope i've got this right.) Another highlight was Effortless: with no Braintax, Jane Tyrrell (who reminded me of Emma Whately from Hartwell) did the reply. I couldn't catch the lyrics, but I'm guessing it was different from the album. It was also interesting to see how they all shared the stage and the singing. I have trouble distinguishing some of the voices, but I'm pretty sure songs on the albums tend to have one or two lead vocalists, whereas on stage they were all pitching in.

I didn't bustle in after the show to say hi or ask for a photo or autographs; I'm not really that type of person. I did consider buying a Hoodie, but was $10 short. No, wait! Coins in the car! Eh, too expensive - I don't really need more clothes, even if they do have a striking Elefant on the front.

Conclusion: It is possible to go to gigs alone. Just make sure you turn up late.