June 23rd, 2006


SMS: why can't we save them easily?

Some organisations are realising the value of saving instant messages just as we save emails. Many IM clients let you keep logs and Gmail chat conversations are saved alongside email conversations.

The odd tech out here seems to be SMS. It's instant and most of the time you'd want messages to be discarded for privacy. But what if you want to save messages? I've been known to type messages into LJ. Someone on the train right now is handwriting SMS messages into a notebook.

Phone manufacturers need to provide a way to save messages to a computer. (Not sure how many already offer this.) And phone companies could offer a service to save messages on a server for a period of time. This carries an increased privacy risk, so it should be an option. But the reality is that messages are no doubt already saved for a period for law enforcement reasons.

Keeping track of online writing through blog comments

CoComment is a great idea, but I keep forgetting to use it. (You click a "bookmarklet" before submitting a comment and CoComment will record it for you.) I keep making comments on blogs and have no easy way to find them again.

Trackback was sort of meant to be useful here, but generally I want my comments to appear in the comments section, and don't wish to create a whole new journal entry just to comment.

There needs to be a better, yet still decentralised way that people can identify themselves, comment on blogs, keep track of comments made under that identity, and track responses to those comments. Further investigation required...