June 12th, 2006


Broken iTrip, friendly salad, Kynen's 4th, etc.

The weekend has been good so far. Well, mostly - I was not terribly impressed with having my iTrip returned broken. Deborah did not seem to realise it was broken, or think that anyone else had touched it, yet the contacts were bent as if someone had tried to force the iTrip back into the iPod after the little insulting bit got broken off.


Theresa was off filming "You Can Make Friends With Salad", the vegetarian cooking show. Meanwhile, we played and had a walk to the park. Unbelievably, we all managed to nap in the afternoon. Pizza for dinner, followed by Jarhead on DVD. Not to Theresa's liking, but she wasn't around to disapprove. Oh, and pizza does not travel well vertically; the pitfalls of having only a bike with no bike rack attached.


Shopping in Frankston, then Kynen's 4th birthday party. Photography gone mad - I took 204 photos. After deletions, I'm down to 104; still too many to rate and annotate...

Deborah went to a movie with friends, leaving me and Theresa to watch Law & Order shows together.


Lazy day around the house. Pumpkin soup. Ducted heating. Bickering kids. The stuff dreams are made of.


Getting kids changed ready for bed can be a challenge. Noticing Theresa's frustration a night or two ago, I observed "it's moments like these that you realise it was a mistake putting 'don't have kids' at the bottom of your to-do list".