May 23rd, 2006


Window of opportunity

The window of opportunity comes but once a month and lasts for a few days. This month I gave it my best shot, but I screwed it up and now I think the window has closed. Oh well, hopefully I'll learn from my last attempt and have better success next month.
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Default finally on the path to making backups

Last week I bought 2Gb of online storage (for backups) from and already the monthly fee has decreased! To reflect the ever decreasing costs of storage, they've decided to automatically adjust prices and quotas twice yearly, ensuring they stay competitive.

Pricing aside, I'm quite impressed by the service so far. No proprietary programs or clumsy web apps required: just use standard tools and protocols (rsync, WebDAV, SFTP, subversion) to transfer files or mount as a filesystem. Of course, the weak link is me being too lazy to set up a cron job to automate backups, but I will get to it RSN; just need to reorganise files to make it easy to create a list of things to archive.

I'm also impressed by their philosophy. Aside from using standard protocols, they're concerned about government fishing expeditions that impact customer privacy. Non-US servers are coming for those using the geo-redundant service, and tutorials on encypting an filesystem are also on the way.