May 22nd, 2006


Are you on the headphone?

If I'm listening to music at work and people need my attention, they might ask "are you on the phone?". I find it interesting that this happens the majority of the time. Admittedly my headphones are black, like my phone headset, but I would have thought they looked sufficiently different. Perhaps for some people it's a nicety for introduction: they can see you're not on the phone and need an opening line...

The problem with cool toys


To make progress on personal projects without wasting the work day, type up notes during lunch break.


For every screenful of text, someone notices the little screen of the PDA and the way it rests atop a portable keyboard. They start talking about it. Admiring the fold-out keyboard. Asking questions. Expressing disappointment that it's not a combo phone & Wi-Fi do-everything wondertoy... This reduces available time, particularly if I don't want them reading what I'm writing and switch to a different app.

So, for the most part, computing during lunch is not effective, but I'll be interested to see how the MacBook compares. More or fewer comments than the PDA?