April 27th, 2006


Childrens' Farm, D-Cuppetry, Death


With a quiet office, I took the afternoon off and went to see Kokoda. I might write a bit about it in a separate post.

Tues day:

ANZAC Day. As per tradition, we missed the dawn service by several hours. Determined not to let the day slip through our fingers, we eventually escaped the house and travelled by train to the Collingwood Childrens' Farm. Photos to follow.

We were disappointed that we couldn't pat the children or buy some to take home - there were some free range ones, but they appeared to be visitors, not property of the farm. Anyway, there was much fun to be had rolling down a hill, feeding horses (or in Jesara's case, picking grass for Mummy to feed horses so she can keep her distance), patting goats, watching pumpkins grow and milking a cow.

Tues evening:

After a hot chocolate at Fed Square, I dumped Theresa and kids on the station platform and headed off to Trades Hall for D-Cuppetry - Dance of the D Cups, by Emma Powell and joined by Louise from Hartwell. The show was very clever and funny and sold out; apparently it's the best selling show for Comedy@Trades, which is understandable for a unique show.

Dinner before the show with the 14-strong crowd of Hartwellians. Drinks in the bar after the show with Louise and her two start attractions... Level-crossing fatility on the way home added 50 mins of boredom and inconvenience - watch where you're walking people!