April 22nd, 2006


Beer, Shakespeare, Easter


Saw opening night of Secondary Cause of Death with Theresa's parents and sleepy kids. Good, funny play, but I can't believe he's written a threequel.


Goat. Went to the Mountain Goat Brewery with Dominique, Steve and Mark. Had a Goat Sample Paddle (see photo above) with Pale Ale, Hightail Ale, IPA and Surefoot Stout (in that order). Then we got stuck into the vintage bottles of Surefoot Stout - fantastic stuff. Another month to wait for this year's Surefoot release. The brewery also does a little processing for a distillery and they sell their single-malt whiskey: lovely and very smooth.

Opening night for As You Like It. Despite having only a few bookings, we had about twenty people and the show was well received. Sparkling wine afterwards. Good thing I didn't tell people about the Theatrecraft reviewer until after the show, as some got freaked out that he'd be there on opening night, as if opening night is for a second-class performance.


Easter. Theresa's parents are here for the weekend to look after the kids while we're on stage, so we postponed Easter till today. Coloured boiled eggs, much chocolate. And now it's time to stop typing and find some lunch. Savoury lunch.

Easter photos:

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