April 10th, 2006


On keeping a journal/diary

I wonder if I can get myself into the habit of making regular journal entries by writing only a line or two and tagging each entry with "journal" to indicate that it's nothing more than a statement of what's been happening.

The problem is that there is so much to say about things, that I end up not bothering. I remember once in my childhood getting an excercise book and starting a journal. I included so much detail, including which roads we travelled when going on weekend day trips, that I eventually gave up.

The closest thing I have to a consistent journal/diary is my photo library, but I'm too lazy to annotate photos much. I should post to Flickr more, adding captions as I go.

Anyway, if you see boring, two line posts from me with the tag journal, and you'll know that I'm trying and you can just move on to the next post.

Trying this one line journal thing...

Friday: Practice run for next week's trip to The Shoot Out. We were out till 1:30 AM and got 1 minute 49 seconds of film. Next Friday is going to be a very long night.

Saturday: Dinner at Mexican Cantina in Narre Warren with Mace, Lindy, David and Kerryn. Good mains, average desserts, lowbrow but family-friendly service. Lots of "can I take that from youse?" in Aussie never-heard-Spanish-in-my-life accents.

Yesterday: Rehearsal, followed by dinner at Cafe Grande Forno. Slowly reconditioning myself to stop calling it Cafe Porno.

Misc: Theresa is making me a costume for As You Like It. I'm going to freeze to death, but it'll look good.