April 2nd, 2006


Mummy's kids, fish'n'chips, nostalgia.

First point of business: no April 1 RFCs at http://www.rfc-editor.org/ yet. I don't like it when Support techs complain that I'm late. And I really don't like it when they just close requests as spam...

Moving on... Theresa is away in Daylesford for the weekend. I think we need to send her away more often so that Jesara can get used to it. It takes a bit of work to get her through the "I want Mummy!" and "where's Mummy?" crying fits. At least I can say that she's coming back (not that Jesara listens); I can't imagine what it's like raising children when a parent dies.

Aside from their reliance on Mummy, all has been going very well. We went for a picnic lunch yesterday. Well, fish'n'chips in the park at Mornington. I say fish'n'chips, but the new owners now call it a "fish and chippery" (idiots) and the food has changed a lot since Sophie's reign. The piece of flake was thick, which was good, but the batter and the chips left much to be desired. So, I no longer have a benchmark for fish'n'chips. I need to visit South Melbourne and Eltham again: they're as close as I've seen. The one in High Street Road wasn't bad either.

We had almost the entire park and playground to ourselves. The strong wind must have put people off. But with jackets, we braved the elements and avoided rain. The ship is still there, but it's boarded up, so you can't get underneath. The steering wheel is missing too. After the swings ("wings", according to Joshua), it was time to explore from the warm comfort of the car. Jesara liked the boats and yachts down at the pier. It was then time to visit my former homes (but I forgot Surrey Street) and schools. "This is where I used to go to school." "When you were a little boy?" Good stuff.