March 4th, 2006


Music: clean versions on JJJ

I double-checked my radio frequency last night after hearing a clean version of a song on JJJ. It's more common to hear unedited tracks, preceeded by a brief language warning. I wonder if this is a policy change, or a reflection of the younger demographic that tunes into Super Request. Actually, I reckon they just had an edited version conveniently on hand.

Interesting, too, the words obscured. Not only "fuck", but "period", as in "everytime I go down on a girl, she's on her period". Yes, I am indeed referring to the charming track Everytime by Butterfingers.

Now I just need to listen out for 77% from The Herd to see if the lyric "these cunts need a shake up" remains intact.

The Herd: aussie hip-hop on the road

Earthcore In The Park

The Herd, plus some other acts from Aussie hip-hop label Elefant Traks, are playing at Earthcore In The Park on 13th March. As much as I'd love to see them, I won't be going, because:
  • Earthcore is full of other music that doesn't interest me much. (Trance, dance, eletro, ambient.)
  • $65 entry.
  • They have a really bad web site: poorly designed (little structure, repeated content); inaccessible (images and Flash for text).

I think these last two reasons are the most offputting. They call for volunteers to help in a variety of ways. Perhaps it's time they ditch and call for volunteers who actually know how to make proper websites.

The Herd @ The Corner

The Herd is also playing a gig at The Corner Hotel on 21st April. $18 - much better. But I won't be going to that either: it's opening night for As You Like It and apparently I'm not supposed to just randomly take nights off. :-(

Oh well, hopefully their touring will bring them back to Melbourne some time soon.