February 23rd, 2006


Blogs, comments & email

When I post a comment on someone's LiveJournal, I get emailed if someone replies. This works because I'm also a LiveJournal user and a setting allows me to request email notification.

When I post a comment on someone's blog, I don't know get notified of any later comments. However, often the blog software asks for name, email address and website address. It doesn't display the email address - perhaps it's just stored for access from the blog administrator - but it could offer an "email further comments to me" option when posting.

Hmm, maybe this is feedback that should go to Wordpress et al. Of course, not all servers can send email and not all admins would want the extra bandwidth or load, but it would be nice...

To tell it like it is? That is the question.

I work for a company that has adopted the slogan "tell it like it is", and which promotes being "straight up".

The problem is, it seems to have rubbed off: I now feel inclined to indeed tell it like it is, but sometimes I have to stop and consider whether it is appropriate to give constructive criticism to people.

Today's example: a very craftily worded internal email. You have to read between the lines to figure out exactly what is being said. Would it be a bad move to reply to the General Manager of Customer Services, commenting that his announcement seems to be evasive and that he should adopt more straight-up language? I'm not in Customer Services, but something tells me my feedback may not be well received...