February 21st, 2006


More email insanity.

Oh, for fuck's sake! Recently, I had a gripe about a 1Mb image sent to staff, when it should have been formatted text with a few images thrown in.

Today, I read a message with nice clear Arial text, then noticed I couldn't copy a bit of text from it. It's a 3Mb image, and the only non-text content is the Commonwealth Games logo, plus a fancy "text art" heading.

I so very much wish we had a blind staff member who uses a screen reader. Someone who could put in a complaint and make it stick. All I can do is join the hoard of people complaining that simple messages that are 3Mb in size quickly fill up our lousy 80Mb mailbox quotas. Oh, did I say hoard? I haven't heard any complaints today - perhaps people have grown tired of it or become accustomed to the insanity.