September 30th, 2005



This sucks. One night I can't get to sleep and the next night sleep seems to be coming on fine, but then crying children wake us up. If I get up at 6am, I can get to work before heaps of issues blow up in my face and people start asking what's going on. Instead, I'll get up at 7 or so, and still be tired after only five and a half hours sleep. That is, of course, assuming that Joshua and I both get to sleep in the next seven minutes; in reality, it usually takes me much longer. :-(

The perils of public blogging

I just discovered, through Google Blog Search, that an entry I had intended to be Private was marked as Public. No one commented at the time, so I don't know who read it. But as someone said to me once, you can't unsay something. I need to be more careful with the Security selection when posting. I wonder if that's a post I emailed in and then tried to change security (but failed).