July 28th, 2005


Connect LAN: R.I.P.

There technically is still a Connect LAN, but I'm no longer on it. :-(

SIX YEARS! And now this... This over-regulated cesspit. The people involved in making these changes are going to die. Unfortunately, that will not happen for several years, what with life expectancy as it is these days... Would that they would cease to exist sooner.

Officially, I can't complain, because offically I can do my work. But the official way sucks. Without access to IMAP servers, I'm forced to use a piece of shit as my "email client". Would that I could continue to use a real email client. I feel no inclincation to reply to anyone's email via Outlook today.

I had taken comfort in the knowledge that the COE rollout had been pushed back to September, but the network change threatened to be the worst part of it, and now it has gone ahead without adequate warning.
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Sophies Verden update: DVD received and working

After missing Sophie's World on TV, I ordered a copy from DVD Asian.com and it has since arrived.

It's a Korean 2-disc box set, with region code 3. I have found that I can successfully play it on the iMac with VLC, without having to change the region coding on the drive. delwyn had said that both the drive and DVD Player.app observe region coding, which may be the case, but VLC still operated.

Hints: When DVD Player automatically runs upon insertion, ignore the dialog box that appears. Clicking Cancel will eject the disc. Eventually, it will appear that the disc is not mounted. However, VLC's Open Disc function still finds it. This leaves one problem: if the disc is not mounted, how do you eject it? To avoid having to restart (so that you can run DVD Player and click Cancel), just open iTunes. It's Eject option works even if there's no audio CD in the drive. Yay!
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