June 15th, 2005


Seeking a free culture, not greed and stupidity

While I don't speak Portuguese and I do appreciate living in a wealthy country, I started feeling yesterday that I should be living in Brazil. There is a strong free culture movement there, and they actually see the value in limiting IP extremism and in using free software. The value is that they stop exporting millions of dollars to countries like the USA.

Europe's not bad, but they're having trouble seeing that software patents are likely to do more harm than good for their economy. And they're bowing to pressure to extend copyright terms yet again. Canada may be the best of the first world countries, but I sometimes wonder if they have enough people like Michael Geist to stand up to the extremism.

Oh well... back to my little life in a country that I do love, despite its trek down a dangerous path.

Sales: it's like a whole different world.

I have to move to a different desk soon. While I will miss my secluded spot, it will be a good thing, as a telesales team has moved into this area. It is a world I don't understand.
"No, I can happily say that I'm not one of those [presumably a sales rep] - I'm a Business Solutions Executive."
I don't believe I could ever call people with the aim of making a sale. But even sitting in the same environment is a strange enough experience. Concepts like motivation and inspiration are not only welcome, but embraced.

And there's music playing. While I don't wish to stereotype sales reps as people who listen to commercial pop and dance, that's precisely what is playing right now. :-(