March 23rd, 2005


Nightwish at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Wow. A very impressive and energetic show. All the band members performed well and had great stage presence.

  • Seeing people I know at the front of the queue to get in and quickly securing a good spot.
  • Mountain Goat beer on tap.
  • The band's vodka swilling antics. they also drank beer; it was Boags, but I won't hold that against them.
  • Eye contact with the band and getting the feeling that I was the only one singing along with every song. Singing along is good, because you can't be heard over the crowd and the music. However, it is probably good that few people were singing: for I Wish I Had An Angel, everyone sung and that made it harder to hear the real vocals.
  • A good sound mix. I did end up using an ear-plug in my right ear (closest to the speaker) just to filter out a little bit of distorted bass, but for the most part, vocals and melody came through nicely.
  • Fabian took heaps of photos, so I'll have a visual record of the show (I believe he'll get them onto the Nightwish site). He also got a copy of the song list, which is good, because I can't remember the order.
  • Pushing. It wasn't too bad though; I mostly managed to stand my ground. Early in the night (before support band vanishing Point came on) a gum chewing moron in a VB shirt pushed in with a friend. Looking very pleased with themselves, they started talking about how people shouldn't be there if they don't want to be crushed, etc. Fortunately, I didn't see much of them after Nightwish appeared.
  • A spate of people crowd surfing: it was distracting.
  • Not being able to see Vanishing Point very well. I did, however, have a very good view of Nightwish: close to the front, to the right, with only one person's head in the way.
  • Not going to the previous show: on Monday they played Over The Hills And Far Away, but not for the Tuesday show, so I missed it.
  • Not grabbing a $10 collector's "Nightwish at the Corner Hotel" poster while I (possibly) had the chance.
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