January 2nd, 2005


Emergency relief

Hmm, the term "emergency relief" sounds to me like when you have to stop the car quickly in desparation to have a piss...

I was quite impressed, a moment ago, to see that Apple has devoted its entire front page to soliciting donations for NGOs providing aid for tsunami victims. A very good PR move. Several other companies, including Microsoft, Dell and Sun have a portion of their home pages for the same pupose, but giving up the entire front page is more effective.

My $30 donation to Care Australia seems tiny, but it is pleasing to see that global contributions through aid agencies is building up to be substantial.

Seeking a database for Hartwell

I wish to organise a free, web-based, PHP + MySQL membership database for my theatre company. A couple hours of searching last night didn't really result in anything useful, so I think I shall have to make my own. Hmm, this is going to be ugly.