August 4th, 2004


Food at work: not fucking happy

A sign on each of the fridges at work says that they will be cleaned and defrosted on the last day of each month, so food you wish to retain should be placed in the milk fridge. This system is not working. The problems are thus:

1. The sign says "last day of the month". I take this to mean "last weekday of the month", not "the first Tuesday evening of the next month". I bought food on Sun 1st, put it in the fridge on Mon 2nd, and now it is gone. Half an avacado, $2 of ham, some cheese, and a container of turkey may not be much, but it gives me something to eat and saves me a lot of money buying lunch from shops.

2. The sign says the fridge will be defrosted. It was not - the bags of ice are still in the freezer, but my two foccacia rolls are not.

3. We have four fridges. We have one milk fridge (usually full of milk). It is not reasonable to expect that all food should be moved to one fridge. A better approach is to (for example) clean two fridges on the first Friday of each month and clean the other two on the third Friday of each month.

4. The sign does not clearly indicate what will be discarded and what will be retained. Some items were left untouched (if the middle fridge upstairs was cleaned, this includes a container of mouldy cheese), but others, including fresh food in plastic containers, were discarded (including the containers).
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To take the job or not to take the job


Do I pre-emptively contact the manager who might be about to offer me a job and tell him that I don't think I want it?

Or, do I wait until it is offered, then have to find the courage to say "sorry you went to all that effort and cost in recruiting, but I've decided to decline the position"?