March 24th, 2004


You have leave. Discard?

I applied for leave for the purpose of going to the ultrasound. A note has been added to my diary so that people can see I'll be away. It gives me the option to either Keep in Agenda, or Remove from Agenda. Hehehe. Yes, I think I should like to remove it please; I'd really rather not have a day off... :-)

Fill in the fucking form!

If I were filling in an order form, I'd provide as many details as possible. If there was no charge, I'd leave the pricing blank. But I wouldn't just send in half the order and leave out bits on the premise that "they won't need that".

When I received an order with only one page (out of three), I had to reject it and ask for the other pages. I just KNEW that they would come back to me and say "oh, but we're not charging them". And indeed they did. Sigh.