March 17th, 2004


Being sick sucks

Just when I thought I was going to escape intact, I picked up whatever it is that the girls each had over the last week or two. It seems to have a long something time. Can't recall the word. Not gestation; not cultivation... Any ideas?

Bloody sales reps

Me: they won't have redundancy if we set up these links on the same hub.
Sales: no, that's not a problem - go ahead with it.
Network Engineer: hey - they need to be on separate hubs!
Me: Grrr.

Someone is going to fucking die

Yes, I am referring to the gripe from the previous post. I promised someone I would do some testing this morning. It is now afternoon. Not such a big problem in itself, but now that I have cabling and reconfiguration to organise, plus some other people calling out for action on stuff, when shall I have time for this testing?

Long strings of letters

We are providing a customer with an IPVPN.
This IPVPN runs over MPLS.
The customer using this MPLS IPVPN is commonly abbreviated to CEO.
CEO MPLS IPVPN, provided by AAPT.

Anyone want to expand on this?