February 6th, 2004


Smileys in work email

Is it okay to use smileys in work email? I figure by now, most Internet users are familiar with them to some degree. I keep my messages to customers very professional, but sometimes it is more appropriate to use a smiley than an exclamation mark or nothing at all. Given the lack of professionalism in most email I see, I can't imagine appropriate smiley usage to be a problem - any thoughts?


Microsoft would have you believe it's an operating system. But for me, xp is simply a way of swapping two characters in vi...

One of my favourite quotes

The email I have been receiving recently has been reminding me of one of my favourite quotes (original source unknown):

"Posting at the top of the text because that's where your cursor happens to be when you hit 'reply' is like shitting your pants because that's where your ass happens to be when you have to go."