January 30th, 2004


New computer okay.

The move to the new computer went fairly smoothly, so I am happy now. I am particularly happy that I can keep open all of the programs I require without performance problems. No more closing our job tracking system just so I can look at our provisioning system. :-) I have even almost got my data fully restored ready to use!

Bloody Paris

I don't mean that - really I don't. Paris is fine. Really.

So, it turns out I'll be playing Paris (my least favourite role) in Romeo & Juliet this year. I'll also be playing Gregory which will be cool, although Samson gets the best lines. I'll start ready through Paris' lines soon and see if it is actually possible to empathise with him.

I wonder how the fight scenes will work out. I guess time will tell. Romeo has to kill me, night after night.