January 21st, 2004


Not Romeo

I just went to a Play Selection Committee meeting. It's more of a social occasion than a meeting; someone made the comment that we need an anal meeting person to keep things on track.

The director of Romeo and Juliet said that he has about six people aged 18 to 21 from which to choose a Romeo. That leaves me out. His partner is 24, so I guess she's out of the running for Juliet as well, since Juliet is to be about 18. Oh well - we'll see how it goes. I think Mercutio is out too, as the guy I would pick as the main comic/stand-out character for any Shakespeare will be auditioning.

That leaves me in the running for Benvolio, Tybalt, Paris (I'd rather not), or one of several smaller parts. I'd quite like to play Sampson - only one small scene, but great lines. Could probably double and throw in the Chorus, a page, a citizen, etc.

I hate getting new computers

I hate getting new computers. Actually, that's not true - I hate migrating from a working computer to a new computer. My current machine at work is grossly inadequate and a new one is on its way. How depressing. Depressing because it means I'll have to argue for the right to use software that I have paid for and that makes me more productive. The thought of tolerating substandard software just because it is part of a common operating environment is making me nervous and stressed. And even if I get to use the software I rely on, I need to backup and restore a lot of data and config to get a functional, efficient system again... Sigh.
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