December 5th, 2003


AAPT Christmas

Went to the Staff Christmas Party last night. Going in with low expectations is a good thing - it was quite a decent night, except that it was at a Toohey's joint. Very low attendance - it would be interesting to have seen how many more would have gone had it not been for the email saying that attendance is expected.

New school

Deborah just had an interview with Frankston High School and was accepted on the spot (due to having such a good report). So - no more Mentone, new uniform, new friends, etc. I'm happy for her, but also hope that it works out she wants it to.


My computer speakers here at work have a headphone jack on the front, which is good, because my headphones' lead won't reach to the back of the computer and it means I can use the volume control on the speaker without having to click stuff on the screen.

Recently, the volume has been fairly low. System volume is at maximum. Winamp volume is at maximum. Speaker volume is at maximum. Still not particularly loud. I know the volume is lower when going via the speakers, so I started thinking I should bring in an extension lead and plug the headphones directly into the computer.

Only problem is that would mean no speaker volume control. What to do? "Perhaps I could use the volume control on the headphones themselves... Let me just test it." Ah, I see now - it's on low... My music has returned to normal volume now. :-)
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