September 24th, 2003


Party time

I write LJ posts only occasionally and it seems I rarely even bother to keep a log of things I've done. Recently I came across a diary from 1996 or 1997. I hadn't written much, but the simple notes brought back some memories.

In a renewed attempt to record memories for future reference, here goes:

We (well, Deborah and I) went to Mez's on Saturday night for a party. Well, we called it a party, but there ended being only four of us (Mez's brother's friend Mark joined in). Mez (Merrilyn Atwood) is one of the people in MLOC's production of Jack The Ripper, which Theresa and Deborah are doing.

The intention was to get stuck into some tequila shots and other drinks and so we did. Mmm, harvey wallbangers... I went home at 5am and Deborah stayed on. Mez convinced them to go to bed at 6am.

Last night we had James over for dinner. Must fight the feeling that I need to elaborate on this. I'm telling myself that it can remain even though it doesn't say much...