August 29th, 2003


Must... resist... urge...

I should have known that it would be a mistake to bring The War of the Worlds (Jeff Wayne's musical version) to work. It creates such a strong urge too whistle. Must resist. I feel inclined to whistle here in this LJ entry, but it's too hard to convert a whistled tune to plain text...

Have resorted to whistling under my breath. This shouldn't be heard, but it's hard to tell what other people can hear when you're wearing headphones.
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    The War of the Worlds - The Eve Of The War

Damn prior commitments

Grumble grumble.

Mace and Lindy invited us to a night at Tara House (bed and breakfast in Bairnsdale) and we accepted. Next Saturday, it'll be. The day after is Father's Day.

Since then, Hartwell Players have sent notification of their 65th Birthday Party - to be held on the same night. Damn prior commitments.

Just now, I have spoken to Kerry about catching up with them (for her birthday and Father's Day). This is something we can do at any time soon, so there's no problem, but they are going to see Margaret and Graeme next Sunday. Two people I'd love to see (I've been waiting to bring out the bottle of Passing Clouds' Graeme's Blend), but getting from Bairnsdale to Gisborne is such a long trip that we probably can't join them. Damn prior commitments.

No offence Mace and Lindy - I've been looking forward to a Tara House invite for a long time, but couldn't you, like, change the date at the last minute just to suit us? ;-)