July 21st, 2003


Noises Off

Dad and Kerry gave us tickets to the second last performance of Noises Off. It was fantastic (as we perhaps expected). An excellent cast and set and it certainly made it look scary to perform. Getting the timing right would be a nightmare. And yet we still want to audition...

Thank you very much for the tickets. It gave us a much needed night out. We even had a real dinner before hand - Peking Duck and Mongolian Lamb at the Shark Fin Inn. (And of course, a McDonalds sundae on the way home.)

Tony's mentor

What are we going to do with Tony? He used to have both Mum and me to set him straight, but now there's just me.

Yesterday's situation: cousin Judy wants to get her hands on him, so he panicked and asked someone out for drinks/dinner, thinking that that would make Judy give up. Yeah right. Then he was surprised that Trevor and Carol reacted badly at the news that he was making plans with a woman the day after Mum's funeral.

I spoke to him for a while and suggested dropping the plan before he gets himself in too deep. I wonder what tomorrow's situation will be?

Deborah & the pill

Theresa said the night before last that Deborah had indicated that she would like to go on the pill (oral contraceptive) because her cycle is all screwed up. Theresa knocked the idea on the head, saying that the pill really only masks problems, so isn't an ideal solution.

Theresa then said that she hopes that wasn't Deborah's way of saying that she wants birth control. I don't imagine that is what she's seeking (she and Ivan haven't even kissed), but I might try and raise the subject just to be sure. Neither of us wants her to be denied access to the pill is she wants birth control.