July 7th, 2003



I don't know how to handle James, or how to advise Tony to handle him so that his behaviours change. It just seems too hard right now. My thoughts on what to do mostly rely on a different parenting approach having been used up until now.

I want to help, but along with helping Mum, having a family and going to work, it all just seems too hard.


I hope I'm not contagious. Some sort of rash with itchy raised welts is creeping over my body. I'll see if I can get to a doctor today. Of course, this depends somewhat on being able to finish of some work that I simply must do...

Deborah - adolescence?

A simple "goodnight" would suffice. I may not be in Deborah's good books, but I'm not in her bad books either. It could be just adolescence, but I often feel I'm invisible. She'll talk to me if there is something to say, but the small talk seems to be gone. While I don't expect a goodnight kiss anymore, she used to at least say "goodnight". Now there's a goodnight for her Mum and it's straight off to bed. I can call out "goodnight", but get little or no response.

I'm talking as if she's being hostile to me and pleasant to everyone else, but that's probably over-analysing. Theresa has said that she typically heads to her room after school each day, and other mood traits indicate that it could just be adolescence

I wonder how well I'll learn to let go of Jesara when she reaches adolescence...