Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Using S3 for storage: the bucket/domain conundrum.

I like the idea behind permalinks: keep stuff online and accessible over time via a URL that doesn't change.

To avoid fragmentation, this requires some future planning. For example, where should I put images or files that I refer to in posts or blog comments?

I'm thinking of using Amazon S3 to store some stuff, especially if it's big - video and audio can quickly take up valuable space on our shared web hosting.

The question is, what domain name(s) do I use? I already have stuff all over the place, so it would be nice to consolidate. I could put things under the generic S3 domain, but then I'm locked in. I could put things under my own domain, but which one? Or do I need to set up separate buckets for different purposes, essentially creating deliberate fragmentation?


EDIT: I decided on setting up - that should do for most stuff.
Tags: tech

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