Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Dream: the model and the moustache

In a dream this morning, I was doing a model photo shoot for someone; a magazine publisher, I think, with a female model who had originally come in because... I can't really recall - a dare, or to show off some clothes on behalf of her sister, or something.

Anyway, it was going really well, despite the low light conditions of the bedroom we were shooting in. Great detail in the photos. A close-up of her eyes looked particularly good, although her glasses were a little odd.

The only problem was that the model would be unusable, according to the publisher. He just couldn't think of a way to make her look sexy rather than disturbing with that big healthy moustache of hers. She had it because of some deal or agreement with her housemates. Apparently, keeping the moustache was necessary for keeping harmony and efficiency around the house.

No, I'm not sure how she grew a moustache for herself...
Tags: dream

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