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Life is good...

For one thing, this Charles Sturt Uni Shiraz is highly quaffable and enjoyable. As is the stir fry Theresa made (enjoyable, not quaffable.)

In the background, iTunes is throwing out a random mix of songs. I don't do that often - I like listening to albums or picking and choosing songs. But so far, I haven't has to skip anything, despite going from Madonna to System of a Down to Mike Oldfield to Meat Loaf. Songs that I don't normally hear, but worth a listen all the same.

I did some more filming today for the short film. Whoever would have thought that a simple 5 minunte film would require 3 afternoons? (More, since there's still a bit to do.) I love Emmett dearly, but by God, someone needs to get this boy some Ritalin. I thought today might have been easier, as Phoebe wasn't there, but he quickly developed a good rapport with Libby and much fun was had. (But not quite to the point where I had to drag out that favourite quote, "get a room".)

Don't mention how much editing I have to do, or I will punch you in the nose.

The Nosebleed Section is playing now. Have I mentioned how disappointed I was with the Melanie CD I bought?

Thanks to Emmett for recommending Daft Hands. One day I'll be able to tolerate the talented people in life. Even if that talent is moving hands really quickyly.

And now, there is work to do.
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OMG, by the time I had finished the post, Haunted came to an end and Moscow, that one hit wonder by "Genghis Khan" came on. Me loves novelty songs.

I will laugh so hard is Rammstein's Moskau comes on next...

Which Melanie CD was it you bought? I was SO shocked when I went looking it all up and discovered that was her on Nosebleed Section (love that sampled vocal just so so so much! and clearly remember Melanie from many years ago as that weirdly-voiced woman singing about rollerskates and Alexander beetle and all that, so took a moment to get my head around it), but the photo of her on Wikipedia is intriguingly beautiful, I must say (*grin*) and some of the anecdotes about her on there (like the performance via icecream truck) are pretty impressive. (Eeek! What a huge run-on sentence that was!) I can imagine an entire album-worth of that voice might be a little hard going...

Melanie - The Best Of...

Dad has a Melanie LP. I can't recall the title, but it's one of the highlights of his folk music collection. It included Lay Down (Candles in the Rain), plus Alexander Beetle and some others.

The Best Of (or is that The Very Best Of?) turned out to be a disappointment: besides Lay Down, most of the songs were both unfamiliar AND had a country twang to them. Not my style.

Methinks I need to rip the vinyl and get my memories back.

On a tangent, what's the deal with Nana's glasses?

Again with the commenting on my own post. I'm currently working with a 3-computer setup:

- iMac in the family room playing music.
- Work laptop in the kitchen, failing to type up a capacity management plan all by itself.
- MacBook next to me, so that I can see what song is playing ("itunes name") or which skip a track ("itunes nt") whilst SSHd to the iMac.

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