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As president for a non-profit...
I don't think I'd make a good politician. The potential for positive change may be appealing, but that's not what politics is all about. It's about power. And I'm not a fan of power.

You know what I've noticed? Since becoming president of The Hartwell Players several people have congratulated me.

As if I've fulfilled a lifelong ambition.

As if I wasn't the only person nominated for the role.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy to stay on committee and take on the role. But I find the response a bit odd. I think that if I meet a future president who is elected unopposed, I shall skip the congratulations and say "thanks for taking on the role of president".

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As a former VP for a not-for-profit group I entirely understand.

Although I was elected unopposed both years running. In the first year there were two candidates for President; the first candidate, cefiar, nominated me and the second candidate, imajica_lj, seconded that nomination.

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