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Angry Film Networking night - part #2

Well, that was surprisingly good. Neither of my predictions came true:

"I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes. I'll have either frozen up and decided never to go out in public again... or found the courage to talk to people and decided never to go through it again..."

Technically I didn't walk up to anyone and introduce myself. A couple of competent networkers reached me as they did the rounds. But mostly, the night was saved by people I knew.

Libby was there, spruiking her short film idea and looking for crew. She has no inhibitions and was quite comfortable approaching people to talk to. So that got me talking to a writer/actor for a while, plus another couple of people who came by. Knowing Libby also meant that I could sidle up and join in on a conversation without feeling like an intruder.

Would I be able to go alone? Maybe: people generally seemed receptive, and being a networking event, there would probably be someone coming to talk to me before too long.

The big surprise of the night was seeing two ex-Hartwell actors, both of whom acted for me in The Merchant of Venice. Julze was there, chatting with a comedienne and a guy who was slightly smarmy, slightly charming and somehow familiar looking. And Michael was there, dropping in with a friend before going off to somewhere in Hardware Lane.

Penultimately, the films were good, despite the crappy DVD player. The hit of the night was the Pappekrieg (Box-Wars) - a very funny mockumentary about a bunch of guys who make weapons and suits of armour with cardboard boxes and have battles. Love it.

Lastly, the rear projection urinal was disappointing. Nothing was playing! Urinating onto the icons for .wmv files on a Windows desktop was not a satisfying indictment of Microsoft; it was just sad.

I'll give a prize to the person with the best idea for an awkward image or video to display on a urinal...

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