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National Playwright Competition
It appears performances for Boroondara's "National Playwright Competition" are on again. Things sneak up to quickly, and with busy theatre weekend coming up again, I'm not sure that I'll make it this year. They get some nice plays, though, and it can be an opportunity to shop for plays for Hartwell's one-act season. (Personally, I want to do John Tilbroek's No Strings one day; possibly my favourite one-act play.)

It strikes me as an odd title. I guess they mean that they accept plays from outside the City, but it sort of sounds like the one and only, authoritative competition for new one-act plays.

On the subject of theatre:

ELT's Music Hall this Saturday. A table of our own, which is good. Haven't been for a few years, so it's time to practice our booing and hissing.

VDL Awards on Sunday. Theresa and I get to sit on competing tables; mine an underweight one, topped up with people from another theatre company.

EDITED TO ADD: Boroondara Theatre Company doesn't have a web site (that I can find). This makes it rather difficult to find details. :-(

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Why's your table underweight? How many you got going? We have 7 now that Donna's coming.

VDL expects a table of 10, but we only managed to get six (I think).

Their was talk about us joining another company, but now that I look back over emails to see who, I find that Peridot filled up their table. So, I guess we just go underweight... (Or VDL will dump us somewhere as appropriate.)

National Playwright Competition - No Strings

Hi Nathan. I'm not really anonymous, I'm the author of No strings, John Tilbrook, and I just happened to come across your comments when I was looking (unsuccessfully like you) for the appropriate website to check on whether there'd been another updates on the current competition. (I've actually managed to score a berth as a finalist again this year with a very different sort of play, a drama called The Bridge. Anyway, I'm delighted you enjoyed No Strings so much, and of course I'd be even more delighted if a group of Hartwell's stature picked it up for performance, especially if they decided to take it on the festival circuit. I've just recently been involved in another production of a play of mine, a rather ancient effort called Poor Dingo which we managed to take to a few of the festivals and did rather well at those we got to, especially at Kyneton where we got the award for best original play, runner up for best actor and the adjudicator's award, and Canberra where, as the only non-ACT entrant we got 7 nominations (1 in each category we were eligible for) and the award for Best Actress. Anyway, thanks again for your comments - it gave me a real buzz to come across it unexpectedly and hopefully we might get together some time - my Ashwood address and phone number are in the book. Cheers, JOHN

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