Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Angry Film Networking Night

One of my actors told me about a "film networking night" on tonight at Horse Bazaar in the city. It's pitched as a "chance to meet like minded people and join or find a crew for your next film". They're also screening some short films.

I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm freaking out about it a bit. Put me in a bar alone and I'll stand in the corner and not talk to anyone. I'll happily talk to someone who makes the first move, but I'm not a first move sort of person. That's probably why I go to plays instead of gigs - there's less pressure to socialise at a play, and it's acceptable if you go alone.

So, why am I going?

Mostly as a personal challenge. Some people try to face their fears of things like public speaking. I have this feeling that I should try to face my fear of social situations.

I'd also like to do my best to make this short film, and a film networking night might be useful. At the least, it should generate some ideas. Who knows? I might even find the extras I need.

The organisers also run a film festival and it's handy to discover film festivals to approach, either with this film, or another one.

Lastly, it's an excuse to see the Horse Bazaar, a bar with huge digital projection walls. (Now, if only I could find the bar that has the rear projection urinals...)

I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes. I'll have either frozen up and decided never to go out in public again... or found the courage to talk to people and decided never to go through it again...

Yes, I'm a pessimist.
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