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Personal preferences in formatting text
I hate justified text. I can see that it has its place in things like novels, but not so much for business documents with lots of bullet points and other short lines.

But it's a matter of personal preference. My manager's personal preference, that is...

Personally, I think nothing can justify another business case document. ;-)

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I'm not even sure it should be in novels if it is. Only place I think it should be afaic is in columns in a newspaper or magazine, purely for layout purposes :)

Almost everything I write is set to "justifed".

My standard word document template at work has the "normal" text set to Justified.

I like the look of it. its neat. Its geometric. Somtiems when you put the wrong word combinations otgether you get the stupid spaceings, however its easy to tweak the template so those spacings are minimised.

Flame war!

Book burning at 11...

heathens don't burn infidels. :)

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