Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Failed, busy, etc.

Well, I got half way, I guess. Yup, I failed NaBloPoMo. How hard can it be to post every day? Very, apparently, especially if you're me and if you're trying to post something of substance rather than a couple of lines. Maybe next year. I did try cheating initially: posting the next morning and backdating. But you can't really do that 3 days later. I might still try to post some things on my list, though.

The weekend just gone? Too much.

Fri night: 6th annual B&D drinks. A great night and good chance to chat with some fine people. Some of the same fine people I saw again Sat night at Neef & Ben's "Renew" combined birthday party.

Pretty tired for the latter, though. Poor Hi-5 had to entertain the kids for a while in the afternoon whilst I lay on the bed like a zombie.

Sunday got busier again. I wanted to sleep till 11am, but also wanted to get to the school by 9am. You see the problem there... So, I set my alarm for 9am, in the hope of getting to the school by 10am, but then decided that I had to finally prepare and send a rehearsal schedule, which took like forever.

Eventually got to the school, got dirty, got coated in spilled paint, and got to see walkways and tidiness under the stage. Such a big difference.

Then it was time to gulp down party pies and rush to rehearsal (2pm), which was followed by commitee meeting (5:30pm).

Like I said, too much. So, I spent today in a bit of a haze, settling into a new location and finally finding a place to hang my jellyfish.
Tags: nablopomo, sleep, theatre

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