Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Not Knocked Up

Proving the effectiveness of tubal ligation, we tried tonight to get Knocked Up, but all 36 copies were out.

Instead we got Bend It Like Beckham - a nice film, despite the football theme. Were surprised to learn that lead actress Parminder Nagra was 27, looking no older than 17 year old co-star Keira Knightley.

Absolute lowlight was the postscript to one of the special features. Whilst working on a music montage of the cast and crew singing a Bhangra-style rendition of Bina Mistry's Indian version of Hot Hot Hot, they tried to get David Beckham to sing along. Woeful. Clearly he didn't want to be there, giving the crappiest ever "attempt" at singing. Presumably they weren't filming this before the rest of the movie; If I were the director, I would have walked away in disgust and renamed the movie "Bend It Like Bentley".
Tags: nablopomo

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