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Carbonated vegetable and beeswax
Another short post. This time because I have a Concept Paper due tomorrow and my week was thrown out by a public holiday, two half-day training sessions, and a query about iPass - a product I haven't touched for about four years.

Hard Cats. Dutch Licorice Cats might be a better term. Aside from the expected ingredients like licorice extract and a shitload of salt, do you know what they're made from?

Carbonated vegetable and beeswax.

Now, there are two ingredients you don't encounter every day. How do you carbonate vegetables? Do you rig up a makeshift appliance with your food processor and a Soda Stream?

And beeswax. I used beeswax to waterproof my new boots last week. Now it seems I should have been using it to make lollies. I didn't spot any recipe ideas on the back of the tube. OTOH, there were no warnings about ingesting it, either...

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beeswax is in heaps of lollies and food stuffs
i guess the most common beeswax is in jelly beans :]

ive no idea on carbonated vegetable , though I guess they pump bubbles in vege oil to make it fluffy , or it could be pureed vegies ;p

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