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Live Journal has been on my mind a lot lately. I keep thinking of things that I should record in my journal, but never get around to it. For some of the more important entries, I have started typing them, but have failed to finish or submit. Then I start telling myself that I can't post new stuff until I post the earlier stuff, but of course, I could use the backdate option.

Let's see:

Christmas went well. Three families in one day. Let us be thankful that Theresa's parents have not separated.

For some years I have wanted to make a gingerbread house at Christmas time, but never actually did anything about it. This year, Theresa took on the challenge and made not one, but three houses. One each to decorate for herself, me and Deborah. Don't try to make shingles with potato chips - it's not a good look and not a good taste.

New Years' Eve saw a change of venue - Theresa's uncle's wife died on NYEEE, so we went down to Traralgon to be with the family. I guess it could have been called subdued wake.

There is more to record, but I guess I'll just stop now and try to get into the habit of posting when I think of things.