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Windows Messenger 5.1 - WTF?
What's the point of an instant message application that doesn't log conversations?
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(Deleted comment)
Yeap, same here. I always prefer what I say to be exactly what it is, transient. The thought of my conversations being persistent gives me the fear!

All I'm asking for is a choice. As someone who keeps all non-spam email, my IM history is comparitively tame privacy wise, but occasionally has some detail I want to revisit.

Wait, this Messenger or Live Messenger though? *curious*

I love logs. *cue log song theme riff*. I reread mine sometimes. I'm a saddo.

Windows Messenger. The one that is limited to a company network. Not MSN Messenger or Live Messenger or whatever you use to access people around the world.

[Refrains from saying something about running a local Jabber server and still allowing connectivity to the rest of the world.]

Ahhh! I didnt know that ran logs to begin with! :) Havent used it since the connect helpdesk days :D

"I didnt know that ran logs to begin with!"

It doesn't keep logs. That's the problem. I only just realised this today, after I closed a conversation window and wanted to go back and check something.

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