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The Greens
Well, it is election month, after all. So to meet my NaBloPoMo commitment, I'll write some posts about politics. First, a question:

What's wrong with The Greens?

I've noticed some derision around here when The Greens are mentioned, and I'm interested to know why. If you dislike The Greens, what is it about them that puts you off? Is it just that you support a different party? Or are they too "greeny"? Is it their attitude? Or are there particular policies which seem wrong, or don't add up?

Personally, I'm not a Greens voter. I haven't yet encountered particular policies I've disagreed with, but there are bound to be some. I do find some of their debate a bit sensationalist.

Help me get to know the parties better. What's your take on The Greens?

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I'm normally a bit right of center, so for me the Greens are WAY left ...

I think the government should be small and efficient. Its services specific and limited to ones that fail otherwise, roads, hospitals, education, land use. They should take less taxes and stay out of my stuff.

Greens believe that government money is there for the common good, to hell with the expense. They also tend to support environment over anything, which is not balanced enough for me. Rather than give environmental conditions (better processing, cleaner outputs) for the Pulp mill in Tasmania, their stance is no never.

I otherwise like many of their policies or at least the direction. If there was an environmental Right, I would be so there.

Thanks for the comment - exactly what I was looking for.

I, too, am looking for balance. I tend to think I myself as something of a centrist, though I wouldn't know it if I happen to be more right or left.

I don't envy politicians: so many pressures and good uses for money, but that money has to come from somewhere. What bugs me is when money is spent on bad choices. There are so many issues with policies and legislation that need to be fixed, and many of them could be addressed without excessive outlay, or by spending money for a long-term improvement.

Excessive security measures and desparate election promises spring to mind as examples of money spent without sufficient demonstration of the benefits.

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