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Bad Boy Burgers closed - Richmond comings and goings
How long was that? Six months?

Bad Boy Burgers in Richmond never had the right vibe, in my view, and when a Grill'd store opened just two blocks away, I speculated that it would spell the death of the Bad Boy. Indeed, whilst walking down Bridge Road the other day, I saw the For Lease signs.

Farewell, Bad Boy Burgers. Whilst I don't like to see small businesses fail, I find it interesting to watch as different businesses come and go. And to guess which ones will go the way of the dodo. It was obvious that the juice place (now replaced by a convenience store) wouldn't last. And we have a large number of Indian food joints now. Which will falter first: one in Bridge Road, or the newly opened one on Burnley Street?

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can never have too many indian places!
theres always been a few on bridge rod, i still havent checked out the burnley st one, but we have tried the new swan st one (its fusion indian and something ..meh)
nirvana has been getting worse unfortunately, its just a tub of oily sauce , with minimum veggies etc .. ;\ so i need to try some others. ;p

bad boy, im not surprised
i tried the veggie thing at bad boy, and they plied us with mecandise (they had just opened too eager to please ), and the food was not great , and the atmosp, was too sterile , and stark ..

grilled however is comfy and relaxed looking and the burgers are really nice (veggie ones at least)

food places always come and go.. I imagine dobermans will be next gone if it isnt already , a gourmet hot dog thing doesnt seem to be pulling people in
and i notice were getting a nandos chain store on bridge:[

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