Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Nick's birthday

What a lovely evening. I left home after dinner to attend a birthday party that started mid-afternoon. So tired that I had to stop and sleep on the way, I eventually made it to St Kilda, got a second wind, and was pleased to discover that everyone was not totally wasted (though a few were working on it).

Happy birthday to nutzboy. On second thoughts, his actual birthday was days ago, so whatever...

Nice peoples to talk to, though. I was offered Polish Bison Vodka - very tasty. And gin, too. The taste is growing on me. Wasabi cheese, coconut coated peanuts, brie, Jocelyn's chocolate biscuits. Hey, wait - why is everything about food with me?

Thanks to Jocelyn and Mikey for a lively conversation about Shakespeare (and the history conversation that followed). I mentioned the difficulty of getting schools groups to attend after-hours performances. The suggested solution is to invite Screen Studies students to film the production as a project. Add in breaks where the actors talk about their characters' motivations, role within the story, place in history, etc. and you get a product which could be offered to schools. Sounds like something worth raising once the new committee is settled in.

Photos may follow. But it's more likely I'll not get around to it. And now... Bed. Snow White auditions very soon.

EDITED TO ADD: Quote of the night: "Oh yes, the big black phallus; that's mine, that's mine..." -Nick
Tags: birthdays, friends, theatre

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