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IMDB's help system
I sent some feedback to IMDB, and since it related to creating an account, I selected the "I'm having trouble logging in" section, as that was the only way to contact them without logging in first. Here's the response I received:
  A reply has been posted to the support request you posted on the Internet Movie Database:
    10 Oct 2007: I'm having problems logging in
  You can access the reply to this message here:

That's all good and well, but when I went to the URL, I was asked to log in... Hmm. I'd expect better from Amazon.

Presumably this happened because I was sending from an address that's already in their system. (I do have an account there.) If I was sending it from a different address, they'd not be able to associate me with an account, so they'd have to send the actual response. Still, if you're not logged in when submitting a request, you should not have to log in to see the response.

Maybe I should send another request saying "i can't remember my password omg how do i log in???" and see if the same thing happens.